About Me

Since I was four years old, I have always enjoyed working, playing, and creating on computers. Memories of our family-owned 386-based PC are still fresh in my mind, as it gave me my first exposure to the world of computers. From those humble beginnings, I developed a deep understanding of several Linux distributions and Windows. Consequently, my love for computers has been growing ever since.

My computer-relevant post-secondary educational background dates back to 2013, where I took the “Computer Network Specialist” course at Lambton College. In that program, I studied system repair, Network Setup, Cisco equipment, and computer/server maintenance. After a few years of few years of saving up money, I decided to further my education by enrolling in the “Computer Programmer” course at Lambton College.

More recently though, I decided to go back to Lambton College to attend their “Computer Programmer” course. Through the course, I have gained an in-depth understanding of HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, Python, and SQL. Additionally, I have acquired self-taught skills in Lua, C, and Bash.

I have created a notable reputation and tech presence for people I've interacted with through my programming life. Some of my achievements include designing, coding, and maintaining a website for a local business and a local password generator that I use to generate all my passwords.

Outside of web development, I also enjoy playing video games, mountain biking, watching action or sci-fi movies, growing peppers and playing around with Linux distributions.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me better. If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to contact me.

My Skills

Programming Languages

C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Lua, PHP, Python.


Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Sass, React.


ASP.net Core, Django, Flask, MongoDB, Node.js, SQL.

Other Tech Skills

AWS, Apache, Docker, Git, Heroku, Linux, Microcontrollers, Photo Editing, Soldering, Video Editing, Windows.

My Projects

Brandon Does Yoga

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This is a website I did for my friend Brandon Cleek to help promote himself as a yoga instructor. My favorite thing about this website is that because Brandon wanted to save money on hosting fees, I didn't have any access to the backend and I had to get really creative with JavaScript in order to do make the quote of the day and the session booking sections work.

Kip's Media Transfers

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This is a website I made for my cousin's media transfer business and what I consider my first "professional" website. It was fun to make and I learnt a lot of neat stuff along the way (How did I ever live without flex boxes?). It was also neat to get a crash course in all the different media formats that have existed throughout history.

Lions Eyes Right

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My Grandpa was heavily involved with the Lions Club and "Eyes Right" is the main project that our local Lions Club does and my Grandpa asked me to redo the website.

Please note, this website is currently a work in progress as I am still waiting for further information from the Lions Club.

Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to fill out the form below or send me an email at codlinsh@gmail.com.

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